Vizitest Documentation Help

Getting Started

Service Monitor

Vizitest runs in a web client and talks to a locally installed backend service. Please refer to the Vizitest Service Monitor for more information.

Learning Step by step

We recommend working through the following sections in the user guide. This will give you a solid understanding of Vizitest. There are also instructions on how to install a simple web server that accompanies the user guid steps.

Sample Projects and Test API Server

We provide some sample projects containing preconfigured tests that are referenced from the documentation. The Test Server is a simple Python server that you can install locally.

Please go to Sample Projects and Test Server for details.


We recommend reading the Test Manager and Test Editor sections. These contain some hands-on examples and a test server you can install locally.

The key steps when starting out with Vizitest are...

You can press the blue ? icon in the canvas components where you will find a video and relevant documentation links.

Last modified: 07 February 2024